Fonk Chile & Da Kosmicdelics |

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Fonk Chile & Da’ Kosmicdelics is a modern day George Clinton and Parliment / Funkadelics attempting to pick up where George left off in his prime’ in the 70′s.

Kosmicdelics will be re-introducing the pure funk to this new tech generation, using George Clintons same foundation but with originals, based off of all the great funk bands. Originals but familiar (old school-new school style) form the music to the stage show to the costumes, even their on-stage space ship “Da Othership” is said to be dispatched from the original “Mother-Ship”. To spread “Da New Testimonies of Funk” and start Da 2nd Revolution of da funk which is past overdue. Kosmic-Delics is a Parliment/Funkadelic sound mixed with James Brown laced with Bootsy, seasoned with a little Sly and Rick James wrapped in George Clinton.

Yours Funklly
“Fonk Chile”
“Da Step Son of Funk”

Always looking for performance artists, musicians, characters, hasbeens, wannabe’s, & soundalikes, special effects tech and other/ship ground crew for this muscial journey which will always be a revolving door for dreamers.